Intrapersonal Communication

 “Intrapersonal communication is the communication that occurs within each person. It is the silent thinking, the inner voice, and the self-talk that drives or prohibits each one of our thoughts and actions" (Kaleimamahu, 2003).  Intrapersonal communication is a person’s own self-image that they want others to see in them.  When people communicate intrapersonally, they have their own, inner conversation.  They act as both the sender and receiver in the conversation.  One must be fully able to communicate with themselves before they can even attempt to communicate with others. If they do not understand themselves and know their self-worth, then they cannot possibly understand others.  Intrapersonal communication involves the self-esteem, including both the positive and the negative thinking one has towards themselves, and how they go about dealing with these thoughts inside them. 

As seen above, the daughter has intrapersonal problems, thinking she is useless and cannot do anything. However, her positive thoughts were enough to keep her motivated.

Click for a clip from the DOVE Real Beauty Campaign. The short film, AMY, shows a girl, Amy, who only sees problems with herself. She won't hang out with the boy becasue of her flaws. Amy needs to talk positively with her inner self-esteem.